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Publisert 14. april 23
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Lansering av ny bok om Per Knudsen: Between Purpose and Poetry 01.06.2023

Velkommen til lansering av en ny bok om Per Knudsen! Between Purpose and Poetry – The Works of Per Knudsen and the Architecture of Human Scale (Grunberg, 2022, ed. Martin Ebert)

Publisert 14.04.2023
Av: Trondhjems arkitektforening

The book introduces the architect Per Knudsen into the canon of Norwegian architectural history. Guided by his search for modesty and human dimension his architecture has set the tone in contemporary architecture since the 1980s. The book features Knudsen projects, known for their innovative solutions and environmental thinking, and a great number of his remarkable hand-drawn sketches.

The volume contains contributions by the architectural historian Nina Berre, the architect Jan Støring and editor Martin Ebert.