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Publisert 21. oktober 22

"Inclusive Arctic Urban Spaces" - Floating seminar

Explore the topic "Inclusive Arctic Urban Spaces" while traveling to Hansnes and back on board the electrical ferry, Brim!

Publisert 21.10.2022

NAF has supported NODA in preparation of Floating Seminar, join us for a inspiring day at sea!

For more information contact NODA at post@no-da.no or visit the event webpage here.


Explore the topic "Inclusive Arctic Urban Spaces" while traveling to Hansnes and back on board the electrical ferry, Brim.

Onboard the electrical ferry Brim we will journey from Tromsø to Hansnes and back again. During the trip different speakers will give us a knowledge boost on how we can plan for more Inclusive Arctic Urban Spaces.

This seminar expands on our project on the same topic which takes place in Hansnes this year. How do we design these spaces?

Hansnes is an uncomfortable long and bumpy drive from Tromsø, therefore we will host this experience on Brim. The trip itself will therefore become "town planning in practice" testing alternative means of travel, while making use of this commute-time.



11:45 Brim open for boarding from Tromsø. At the pier by the Edge hotel. Kaigata 6.

12:00 Brim departs to Hansnes.

12:15 Welcome and introduction of today’s speakers.

12:30 Inclusive Arctic Urban Spaces
presented by Kjersti Monsen (Director, NODA)

12:55 Regional programme for creative industries
presented by Andreas A. Sjøvoll (Project Manager, Innovation Norway)

13:00 Break

13:15 Inclusive Arctic Spaces – Summer as Winter as Summer
presented By Elin Delmar (Architect, Norconsult) & Alexander Rundlöf (Architect, Asplan Viak)

14:30 Arriving Hansnes. AR tour of Millenniumsplassen

15:00 HOT STUFF - architecture as public space
Presented by Hallstein Guthu (architect/founding partner HALLSTEIN)

15:30 Zero Arctic – Concepts for carbon-neutral Arctic construction based on tradition
presented by Marko Huttunen (Architect, Master Restorer, Livady (FI))

16:00 Panel discussion

17:00 Back in Tromsø

Changes in the programme may occur.


Read more about the speakers and sign up to the event here

Event in collaboration with Troms og Finnmark Fylkeskommune, FINNO - Finsk Norsk Kulturinstitutt and Innovation Norway, Nord-Norges arkitektforening

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"Inclusive Arctic Urban Spaces" - Floating seminar